End Of Year Lists - Mazes

Over the Christmas period FatCat will be posting a new end of year list each day. Both staff and artists have made selections and today's artist is…Mazes

Jack Cooper

Your Future Our Clutter – The Fall
Can’t make out what MES is saying anymore but I’m sure it’d be great. His current band are tough

Quilts – Explode Into Colors
I find out about them and they split up. Probably related

Real Estate – Real Estate
Sounds like super-8 looks with songs in abundance

Jarin Tabata

Emeralds – Does It Look Like I’m Here? (editions mego)
might just be me but somehow i hear a punk rock attitude in this space kraut jam record.

Brilliant Colors – Introducing (slumberland)
intricate post pop punk songs, totally great female vocals, glad slumberland is back.

Broken Water – Whet (night people)
echoes of a bunch of my favorite bands but still has a unique downer vibe. like me.

Neil Robinson

Surf City – Kudos
Gun Outfit – Possession Sound
Male Bonding – Nothing Hurts

Also No Age, and loads of NZ albums that haven’t been released in the UK. Download the Surf City album if you haven’t heard it, its great.

4 years ago



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