Dead Gaze - ‘Brain Holiday’ OUT NOW in the US + UK

"...a confident, catchy record that makes you wonder if all lo-fi acts would sound this good if given that studio time, or if Furlow's a real voice of his generation. My bet's on the latter." Pitchfork

"...enthralling...never let this party stop" This is Fake DIY

Brain Holiday, the brilliant, bold debut album from Dead Gaze is out today in the US + UK.

Following on from the acclaimed self-titled compilation. Brain Holiday is a confident and ambitious album, which places Cole Furlow’s songwriting ability front and center; the move from recording in his bedroom to the famous Sweet Tea studio in Oxford, Mississippi allowing a talented composer of pop songs to emerge from the fuzz that characterized his earlier recordings. 

A more positive album lyrically, the title of the record alludes to Furlow’s wish for it to act as a vacation from people’s troubles; “I just want people to listen to the jams when they need something to get their brain off whatever it is that's making them go to the music in the first place”. The quality of the material will ensure that they keep returning to an album Furlow says he intended to make “for everyone.”

UK customers can order in all formats from the FatCat store HERE US customerws can order through Insound HERE

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