David Karsten Daniels Interview on Raw Magazine

This month’s issue of online magazine RawMg features an in-depth interview article with David Karsten Daniels.

Daniels’ latest album, I Mean To Live Here Still, in which he collaborated with jazz collective Fight the Big Bull, was released on the 27th of July this year to much critical praise – and it is clearly not over yet: the article describes the record as “boasting several tracks that are not only for their time, but which will continue to grow in strength and beauty with every listen for years and years to come.”

The interview does a walk-through tour of Daniels’ roots and creative past, digs into his opinions about the music industry today and the impact of the internet on it, and foreshadows his possible future projects as well as detailing his current ones.

To read the full article, click here.

To buy Daniels’ latest record, go to our webstore and for the bonus version of his latest single, Smoke.
Check out the David Karsten Daniels profile here.

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