Check out AdHoc’s stream of FatCat’s Split Series #22 - The Durian Brothers + Ensemble Skalectrik

Get over to AdHoc HERE to stream the newest FatCat Split Series release featuring The Durian Brothers and Ensemble Skalectrik.

Active since 2009, The Durian Brothers are a trio based in Dusseldorf, Germany. In a praxis that mixes structured composition with playful improvisation, one member knits things together with the use of a sequencer, while two others each get hands-on with a pair of "prepared" turntables, alongside mixers and various effects. Melodies are played on tuned rubber bands stretched across the decks; assorted objects are placed on the rotating platters to create scrunching rhythms and textures. What results is a radical and fresh take on contemporary club music. Where the Durian Brothers' music is sharply focused, driven, and direct, Ensemble Skalectrik's is a far woozier and less utilitarian proposition. Skalectrik's sound occupies a more cloudy, veiled, interior space that seems deliciously derailed and disconnected. Bathed in reverb and shifting EQ, its murky sound-world cocoons the listener in a delerious fog of warping material - slurred, molten, smeared and blurred, its signals ripple around the listener as though transmitted through some viscous liquid.

Check out the stream and pick up a copy at your favorite local record store or online retailer. The record is limited to 700 copies world wide and is packaged in a hand-drilled LP jacket.

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