Cassette Store Day

We have two brilliant tapes coming out on Cassette Store Day, Saturday 7 September. Covering Up is a new EP of covers from His Clancyness, and we are re-releasing Animal Collective's FatCat breakthrough Sung Tongs, both in extremely limited quantities. They will be available on Cassette Store Day from selected record shops, and from the FatCat online store from Monday 16 September. 

Covering Up’s seven tracks are sourced from a wide range of genres and periods – from the ‘50s pop epic, ‘Memories Are Made Of This’ (written by Terry Gilkyson, Richard Dehr and Frank Miller and a huge hit for Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, The Drifters, and numerous others), to the elegaic ‘80s indie pop of Julian Cope’s ‘Head Hang Low’ (from his 1984 album, ‘World Shut Your Mouth’); and the feral LA blues-punk rage of The Gun Club’s ‘Promise Me’ (from their classic 1981 album, ‘The Fire Of Love’, and a staple of His Clancyness’ live sets). The remaining tracks are all of this century - moving from Italian post-harcore / punk trio Altro’s 2001 track ‘Pitagora’ – (“Altro is by far my favourite italian punk band. I'd never previously sung in Italian and for some reason this song felt right. I liked the idea of changing it completely”), to the Spector-esque girl-group blues-pop of El Perro Del Mar’s  ‘I Can’t Talk About It’ (from her eponymous 2006 album); to Ariel Pink’s 2009 single, ‘I Can’t Hear My Eyes’ – which Jonathan describes as “simply one of the greatest pop songs of our times, I liked the idea of bringing out the sassy element of that tune” – and the langorous electronic sprawl of Welcome Back Sailors’ ‘Stronger’ (released on a 2012 cassette album).

 Jonathan explains that “recording covers is sort of like going to a deserted island for me, it's a place where you can rest your mind from your own things. I pick songs on the spot, and they're not necessarily from artists I adore - some are of course, but some are just songs that for some reason just stick with me. Usually I'll hear it and get a violent need to record it right away. I record them at home alone, playing all the instruments myself.” All these tracks were performed entirely by Jonathan Clancy (except synths on 1, 2, 3 by Giulia Mazza), and  recorded at home between  November 2010 - July 2013). Tracks 4 & 5 were originally released a compilation of early His Clancyness’ material,  ‘Always Mist: Revisited’ (Secret Furry Hole/Splendour/Sixteen Tambourines). 

Read a little more about Cassette Store Day here, and get yourself in the mood with this short film about a guy who likes tapes a lot

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