Bowlegs interview Dead Gaze

"...First of all, can I just say congratulations on Brain Holiday, it truly is a great record."

"...Our first introduction to the record was the anthemic Rowdy Jungle, a hook-laden, ear-candy track with more than a nod in the direction of 90s indie/alt-rock."

Check out Bowlegs interview with Cole Furlow of Dead Gaze. Hear the verdict on new album Brain Holiday and what it was like for Cole to record. 

"...It was actually the most fun I have ever had. If anything it has now fuelled the flame for me to work harder and get back in the studio."

Read here - An Interview With Dead Gaze.

Also go and see Dead Gaze on his first European tour.

"...We are about to tour Europe for the first time with Dead Gaze which has got me really excited."

Brain Holiday is out now.

2 years ago



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