The Fly interview ‘Mazes’ Jack Cooper

"...This mini-album is a little bit further towards where we want to be."

"...One thing I’ve learned over the last four to five years is that if you feel like you’re doing the right thing, if things are sitting right with you, then keep going." 

- Jack Cooper 'Mazes'

Check out The Fly interview Mazes very own Jack Cooper on new mini-album 'Better Ghosts'.  Find out everything you need to know about 'Better Ghosts', even the origin of the album name...

"...Conan was like Ghostbusters II is better”. I asked in what way and he said, “Well, better ghosts for one”  

Read the full interview here.

Mazes also created a mixtape especially for The Fly, including the likes of 'White Fence', 'KEEL HER' and 'Neil Young'. Check it out here.

Pre-Order 'Better Ghosts' now. Release date, 11th November 2013 on Limited edition vinyl and MP3.

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