Pitchfork premieres new TRAAMS track “Low”

Head over to Pitchfork to listen to "Low" off TRAAMS new Ladders EP

Ladders and the upcoming full length that follows are the sound of a band finding true solace in music as a driving force. Bassist Leigh Padley has noted that the three members of the band felt compelled towards music as the only means to escape the mundanity of their hometown; "We had to start a band.” he says, ”It was all we had." As such, Ladders is bristling and vital - a sonic escape. The band has both a both a pop immediacy and a more expansive, experimental element and incorporating the two sides is essential when writing a TRAAMS song. As the band’s Stu Hopkins elaborates, "We really want to push both those areas as far as we can. We like seeing people dance and having fun but we also want to be noisy and aggressive.” That tenuous balance is what keeps TRAAMS’ music endlessly exciting and keeps us coming back so often to dig into each new song with anticipations high.

This is just the beginning, keep your ears wide for more from TRAAMS.

2 years ago



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