Ensemble - Excerpts digital single out today in UK / Europe

Excerpts is the name of both the gorgeous new full-length record from Montreal resident Olivier Alary, the songwriter/composer behind Ensemble, and this second single to be taken from the album. A middle ground between lush orchestration, absorbing pop, guitar-indie, experimental sonics and beyond, it offers no obvious or straightforward reference points, yet here is an album full of maturity, sophistication and romance, architectured carefully and atemporally. A loose comparison could be made with the larger scale music of Matthew Herbert in its sublime eccentricity, or to Serge Gainsborugh's motorcycle romanticism, or even to Yann Tiersen's gentle nods to chanson française. However, crucially, behind Alary's musical charms lies an overarching, unique personality that interweaves wide-ranging musical cultures and influences.

The single Excerpts begins with a sprightly, full string arrangement. Alary's long-term collaborator Darcy Conroy here on lead vocals lends a breathy, beautifully expressive counterpoint to the skipping strings. It is a piece of music that encourages headphone listening to fall fully into the stunning studio intricacies of the track. pizzicato strings dart around the ears, while sheering noise waves occasionally push the dynamics to breathtaking peaks.

A collaboration with the well-regarded French singer Dominique A, Norilsk backs this single. Its drifting, choral squeaks and squeals back Dominique's lush singing voice. The critical acclaim heaped on the vocalist is certainly explicable, given his wonderful performance here.

In anticipation of the release of this single, The Line of Best Fit have posted an exclusive video of a great acoustic performance of Envies d’Avalanches here

Order the single on our webstore and check out the Ensemble profile page.

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