Brighton-based duo, Semiconductor make Sound Films which reveal our physical world in flux; cities in motion; shifting landscapes and systems in chaos. Since 1999 UK artists Ruth Jarman and Joseph Gerhardt have been at the leading edge, exploring many processes of digital animation to produce experimental films and live animation. Central to these works is the role of sound, which becomes synonymous with the image as it creates, controls and deciphers it; exploring resonance, through the natural order of things. Finely crafted digital work is combined with analogue processes that tailor the randomness and errors within computer systems as co-conspirator.

Inspired by experiments in electronic music in the late ‘nineties Semiconductor started to explore the potential of the computer to unite sound and image. Combining this with their interest in landscape, architecture and the resonance of these, they have completed more than twenty Sound Films to date, exhibiting their work in both gallery installations, at festivals and live / club environments.




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Semiconductor - Worlds In Flux Trailer- Fatcat Records

This is a five minute ‘trailer’ clip for Semiconductor’s DVD release, ‘Worlds In Flux’. Put together in Decermber 2006 by Semiconductor for promo purposes, it showcases a number of highlights of the sound-films featured on their forthcoming Fatcat DVD.

8 years ago
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