Psychedelic Horseshit

Pulled between the poles of escape and engagement - pure enjoyment of surrendering to inebriated derangement versus the need to get a message through, Psychedelic Horseshit are a gloriously messy, provocative proposition. Rooted in lo-fi punk experimentation and making a dense, playful racket that veers between being challenging and genuinely catchy, they’ve kept a step ahead of the lo-fi scene they christened ‘shitgaze’ - drawing on a broad range of influences instead of the xeroxed anorexia of the majority of their peers, ruffling feathers by critically speaking their mind, hacking out caustic, humorous, meaningful lyrics that attempt to navigate a way through ailing contemporary times.

Hailing from Colombus, Ohio (the Rust Belt capital MTV described as “ground zero for lo-fi punk”), Psychedelic Horseshit formed on a whim in the fall of 2005 following their random meeting in the columbus “all night rave scene” from summer of that year. Bonding over their fondness for drugs, girls, and generally causing a crazy, sleazy, ruckus. They began using a bunch of battered equipment (recording to four-track cassette, with a cardboard box for a bass drum and junkshop guitars and keyboards), playing Matt’s “shitty folk songs” as a 3-piece (with drummer Rich Johnston and bassist Jason Roxas). Receiving some early attention via then-strangers Times New Viking, they began playing shows around Columbus with them and others, soon becoming a local favourite and unknowingly fitting into the highly revered Columbus legacy of damaged pop and rock music in the tradition of V-3, Mike Rep and The Quotas, Ron House, Bassholes, etc. The band’s initial releases comprised a handful of homemade small-run CD-Rs (‘The Anticoncept’, ‘Dancey Pants’, ‘Summertime Suicide’, ‘Blown Speaker Standards’ and ‘King Tubby’s Baddness Dub’), until local label Columbus Discount issued a 7”, ‘Who Let the Dogs Out’ in August 2006. The single’s first pressing rapidly sold out, and in mid-2007 a five-song 7”, ‘New Wave Hippies’, was quickly followed by a split 7” with Times New Viking and the band’s debut album, ‘Magic Flowers Droned’, released on the consistently great US indie, Siltbreeze.





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Psychedelic Horseshit – So We Can Put It Up Our Nose (Live)

Live in Manchester May 2011.

4 years ago
Psychedelic Horseshit – French Countryside

4 years ago
Psychedelic Horseshit – Failure to Dim

Psychedelic Horseshit landed at the Bowlegs Studio, played a couple of tracks, had a quick chat, and were gone. It all happened so quick our heads are still spinning in a Lo Fi daze. Luckily we got it down on tape. First up was ‘Failure to Dim’.

4 years ago
Psychedelic Horseshit – Punk Chix

Bowlegs Session. Check the second track performed by the band here, it’s called ‘Punk Chix’.

4 years ago
Psychedelic Horseshit (Bowlegs Interview)

Horseshit’s main man Matt had a quick talk with Bowlegs on his band (and MIA members), the future and where the hell he got the name from.

4 years ago
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