Based between Brighton and Cologne, Process is the alias of Steve Barnes. Having previously released material on the Brighton-based Ultimate Dilemma label (under the name Blueshift), Barnes made his debut as Process with an early 12\” on FatCat in June ‘98. Whilst that release scratched out a flickering, low-key ambience that lay close to the foggy, shimmer-and-fuzz of the classic Berlin Chain Reaction sound, Process’ next work marked a bold yet logical shift in approach.

His split 12” from December ‘99 (shared with DAT politics) drew great critical acclaim, and was rapidly followed by an album, ‘Shape-Space’, which built a self-assured and propulsive dynamics, moving closer to the hypnotic minimalism of the Cologne sound.





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Process - SMPK Option 2

Director: Georgina Richardson and Peter Dickinson / Cassette 41. This was one of the first FatCat videos to ever appear and literally came to us out of the blue. Unsolicited, the video from Cassette 41 (who later made a video for anoter FatCat artsist, DorineMuraille) arrived in the post, having been made simply because they loved the track.

8 years ago
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