Panda Bear

Noah Lennox (aka Panda Bear) is a core member of Animal Collective. Multi-talented and hugely creative, he is both an incredible songwriter and an instinctive and natural musician. Starting out in Animal Collective as a drummer with his own very unique style, when we first saw Noah he was playing a mean acoustic guitar and adding his own distinctive, beautiful vocals. Since co-writing the universally-acclaimed ‘Sung Tongs’ and ‘Feels’ albums, he has slipped back behind the drums in AC, whilst continuing to add vocals and electronics. Besides his work in Animal Collective and under his Panda Bear alias, Noah also works in the duo, Jane, a more minimal, techno-influenced collaboration with his friend Scott Mou.

Panda Bear’s material exhibits a fluidity and functional rhythmic accessibility stemming from a deep love of DJ culture; a delight in texture and depth; a playful use of samples and electronic processing; plus a foregrounding of sweet, poppy hooks in the vocal and instrumental melodies. Listen in and you’ll hear all manner of influences seeping through – from Joe Meek / the Tornadoes to basic Kompakt to Eddie grant or Cat Stevens.





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Panda Bear - Comfy In Nautica

Directed by Patrick O’Dell and Sam Salganik

4 years ago
Panda Bear - Slow Motion

Directed by Cheryl Dunn. Official music video for Panda Bear’s “Slow Motion” off his 2011 album ‘Tomboy’. Plus interview.

4 years ago
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