Since their foundation in 1998, múm have forged a sublimely bright, warm and rich take on electronica, imprinting it with their own unique sound and character. What sets the band apart from so many of their peers is both their strong, playfully haunted melodies, and sorcerous integration of analogue and digital technologies. Playing an assortment of instruments and percussion alongside some crisply programmed electronic washes, beats, dingdongs and beep-beeps as well as found sounds and field recordings, the band’s talent, inventiveness and nose for musical exploration is immediately audible.

Their first release, a split 10” with the girl-band Spúnk saw light in the summer of ‘98 and following a number of collaborative projects, the group’s celebrated debut album ‘Yesterday Was Dramatic, Today Is OK’ (reissued by Morr Music in October 2005) gained a wealth of glowing press and widespread praise. A remix project, ‘Please Smile My Noise Bleed’, also released on the Morr Music label in November 2001. Their FatCat debut, ‘Finally We Are No-One’, was released in May 2002 and followed by a plethora of tours taking the band many times around the world, dazzling the crowds by re-creating their recorded works with the main focus being on live instrumentation, accompanied by the more common site within electronic sets, the laptop (music-calculator). The band’s second FatCat album, ‘Summer Make Good’ was released in May 2004, flanked by two singles, ‘Nightly Cares’ and ‘Dusk Log’.





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Múm - Rhubarbidoo

Directors: Overture. As the opening to an opera, Overture stands to introduce and describe these worlds through their work, resting mainly in animation and improvised illustration.

8 years ago
Múm - They Made Frogs Smoke Til They Exploded

Director Ingibjörg Birgisdóttir

8 years ago
Múm - Green Grass Of Tunnel

Director: Semi Conductor. Inspired by the mysterious terrian where the music was made they remodelled the very lighthouse and valley the band lived whilst recording Finally We Are No One.

8 years ago
Múm -  Summer Make Good

Director : Marc Craste. The track ‘Will the summer make good for all our sins’ merges hauntingly beautiful music with darkly sinister lyrics, a style synonymous with Marc Crastes animations.

8 years ago
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