Mice Parade

Mice Parade was originally the solo project of New Yorker Adam Pierce, who has also played in Swirlies, The Dylan Group, HiM, múm, and Philistines Jr.

From its outset, Mice Parade showed a boldly inventive, highly individual take on instrumental music / electronica. Following 1998’s Bubble Core album, ‘The True Meaning Of BoddleyBaye’, their first FatCat album, ‘Ramda’ (‘99), forged a distinctive, immersive audio space of piled-up percussion and atmospheric, hook-laden melodics.





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Mice Parade – Double Dolphins On The Nickel - Galapagos Session

Galapagos Presents took time with Mice Parade late last year to do a photoshoot and live session in an East Sussex 18th Century mansion.

2 years ago
Mice Parade - This River Has A Tide

Frontman Adam Pierce says it’s about “the Hudson River and a breakup”.

The setting for the video is Los Angeles, which posed somewhat of a problem for Paul Yates (director) since, other than its ocean border, it’s largely waterless. To achieve the clip’s “liquid feel,” he had to shoot by the Los Angeles River, “which is really beautiful,” he says, “but full of dead animals, needles, and a small homeless population that one tries not to disturb.” And while that may sound difficult to maneuver, it wasn’t the hardest aspect of making the video; that honor goes to the long-exposure night and daytime shots. “Each frame of that work took about 30 seconds to shoot, so for approximately one second of footage it would take about 12 minutes,” explains. “The actress was able to move very little the whole night … She was freezing!”

about 3 years ago
Mice Parade - Couches and Carpets

Taken from the latest release ‘What It Means To Be Left Handed’ released on FatCat Records

4 years ago
Mice Parade - Dasher, Prancer, Donner & Blitzen

This is a music video for “Dasher, Prancer, Donner & Blitzen” off of Mice Parade’s “The True Meaning of Boodleybaye” album. It features Super 8 footage shot by Kristín Anna Valtýsdóttir from Mice Parade tour.

4 years ago
Mice Parade - In Between Times

From the album ‘What It Means To Be Left Handed’ by Mice Parade. Directed by Meredith Godreau.

4 years ago
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