Foot Village

Based in Los Angeles, Foot Village are the quartet of Grace Lee, Brian Miller, Dan Rowan, and Josh Taylor. Active since 2007, and featuring members of Gang Wizard, Friends Forever, Rose For Bodhan, and the infamous International Voice of Reason, they’ve described themselves as the “loudest Acoustic Rock Band Ever”. Heavily concept-based, their foundation-myth depicts Foot Village being the first nation built after the foreseeable apocalypse, erecting civilization anew with drums and voices alone - no guitars, no electronics, no amplification (other than via megaphone). Key proponents of the Los Angeles DIY scene centred around The Smell, their brilliant live performances (with drums set up on the floor in the midst of the audience) are compelling spectacles of pure energy exchange. Their unplugged post-hardcore assault is anchored in the now of ecstatic energy, propelled by an inherent momentum and sudden dramatic shifts.

The band’s debut album, ‘Fuck The Future’ was released on four separate labels in 2007, followed by the albums, ‘Friendship Nation’ (2008), ‘Fuck The Future II’ (2009) and ‘Anti-Magic’ (2009).




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Foot Village - East Coast Tour

Foot Village return to the east coast for their first time in years! Come be a part of this rare occasion!

4 years ago
Foot Village - 2/2 - Live in Amsterdam

Live rhythmic session at OT301 Amsterdam, summer 2011.

4 years ago
Foot Village - Reggae War Zone (Upset The Rhythm Showcase)

Gig from the band Foot Village at the Smell.

4 years ago
Foot Village - Anti-Magic

Title track from Foot Village’s 3rd album.

4 years ago
Foot Village - Reggae Warzone

Track from Foot Village’s 3rd album, ‘Anti-Magic’

4 years ago
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