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FatCat publishing

FatCat Publishing is a new branch of FatCat Records which is working in conjunction with Cooking Vinyl Publishing.

Our publishing arm represents several of the label's artists (The Twilight Sad, Gregory And The Hawk, TRAAMS and so on), and a new incoming set of bands, composers and songwriters which will continue our commitment to new music, the development of careers, and the recognition of talent.

Feel free to browse the site and use the icons on each track to either email yourself a direct link to a track or request one or more tracks to be sent to you via the basket.

If you require any more help or information then please use the details on the contact page.

Featured Artists


Snow Panda is the all-encompassing alias for works written, performed, edited, remixed, filmed, and manipulated by Gabe Churray.

He says he has been piloting his ‘Churray Station’, a cockpit of Rhodes, Juno synthesizer and a whole control panel of effects for almost a decade, building soundscapes from the next century for his own music as well as others. His local collaborator Matthew E. White praises the ‘untamed, electric, space-is-the-place element; that Gabe Churray wild-style’ and the way he has brought a musical voice that is all his own into his music.


Tal National is a band from Niamey, the capital city of Niger, West Africa’s largest nation (and one of the world’s poorest).

Although they are hugely popular in their homeland, where their music is heavily featured on Niger national TV, they can still be found selling their CDs on roundabouts in Niamey due to the lack of a distribution system in the country. Each year they do national tours, travelling 18,000 km throughout Niger and performing shows in over forty cities.

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