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FatCat publishing

FatCat Publishing is a new branch of FatCat Records which is working in conjunction with Cooking Vinyl Publishing.

Our publishing arm represents several of the label's artists (The Twilight Sad, Gregory And The Hawk, TRAAMS and so on), and a new incoming set of bands, composers and songwriters which will continue our commitment to new music, the development of careers, and the recognition of talent.

Feel free to browse the site and use the icons on each track to either email yourself a direct link to a track or request one or more tracks to be sent to you via the basket.

If you require any more help or information then please use the details on the contact page.

Featured Artists


Emilie Levienaise-Farrouch is a French composer who has made her home in London. She trained in composition at Goldsmiths and works extensively in film. Recent projects include a new soundscape commissioned by the V&A.

Emilie combines her classical background with contemporary electronic music and experimental pop. She often plays with acoustic sounds, twisting them into far less easily discernible textures. Her delicate arrangements and cinematic melodies carry listeners into a strange and harmonious landscape.


Since 2008, Talvihorros has been the work of Scotland based composer and producer Ben Chatwin. Through his distinctive approach to the guitar, he crafts dense and dark compositions that hint at the conflicting beauty/chaos of the cosmos. The intention to create daring music that was free from a traditional sense of structure and genre, culminated in the 2014 release 'Eaten Alive'. This album focuses on the darker recesses of life, where bold melodic ideas fight with harsh noise and glacial ambience to create something organic, evolving and physically arresting.

Epic in scope with cinematic qualities, Chatwin's music has been used across a wide variety of media, most notably in campaigns for Calvin Klein, Louis Vuitton, Volkswagen, Tate Modern and Wallpaper Magazine. Talvihorros, often as a duo incorporating live drums, has performed across the globe with the likes of William Basinski, Hauschka, Tim Hecker, Oneohtrix Point Never and Loscil.

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